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Do You Value You?

Your crew member Brenda Sue here.

How are we already ending out the year?! I can’t believe that it is December and Christmas is upon us. I am not ready! As I reflect on the year, I am very grateful for this past year, the many adventures it has held as well as the challenges.

I am completed my 49th year on this planet and in this body. It feels like this year, especially the latter half of the year has been filled with epiphanies and big moments of more layers of my onion that are being peeled away to reveal more things that need to be healed. Let’s talk cycles and how we experience them. As I finish out this decade of my life I am reflecting back on the last 10 years. I see that I am repeating a 10 year cycle and I was like, well shit ya’ll. I don’t want to repeat this cycle in another 10 years! So, what are the underlying emotions, patterns, behaviors, and BS (belief system) that are attached to these patterns? Oh boy, can I get Self Worth for $1000 please Alex? Here I was thinking that I had worked through a lot of those issues and that I was doing better (insert all of the swear words here). I don’t know how many of us deal with this whole lack of worth? More than just me. Where does it come from? Is it part of my soul story? Is it a witch wound? Is it family/life conditioning? Or is it a bit of all of the above? So then I ask myself, where does my worth come from? If it isn’t from external validation then what is my worth? One of my very good friends, who is also a therapist, told me once that my worth is just in being here on this planet. Like, I hear that, I grasp the concept of it, but how do I integrate that into my soul on a deeper level? How do I make my very being feel worthy without the need for external validation? Seriously, if anyone has found the magic formula please share. Now we have the awareness! How do we value ourselves? What are little steps that we can take to “take up space” in our lives. One way that has been in my awareness lately, is to set boundaries. Set boundaries with others, set boundaries on your needs, set boundaries on how much you take on (especially with the holidays coming up). First we must value ourselves and I think setting boundaries around your/my own needs is a great way to start. It is like putting the training wheels on and taking that wobbly start onto the path of self-value. How do you value yourself? What are the parts of you that you feel add value? What is your super power? Do you notice the cycles in your life? I have lots of questions folks! I would love to get your feedback on our e-mail or social media. Hugs to you all as you navigate this thing called life. May you see and know your value.

Love to you all!

Brenda Sue Jean Louise Jolene III

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