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Collective Card Pull: The Sacred Forest By: Denise Linn So, 2 cards literally FLEW out of the deck. Chaos & Acceptance. The outer world is in complete chaos as we experience the human existence. It solves nothing to fight against the chaos. As we accept life on its terms and offer love and forgiveness then we experience inner peace. It will help us to hold the highest possible vibration for the Collective Upcoming Episode: June 2nd – I Like Past Lives and I Cannot Lie

Hello Everyone!

As I sit down to write to you all today, I ask spirit, so, what do you want me to write about today? I hear GRATITUDE loud and clear.

Having the spirit of being in gratitude allows all things to flow to you. Literally, can you think of a time where you were in the vibration of gratitude and nothing but crap came to you? Personally, I can’t! When you sink into that vibration of gratitude it brings more things to be grateful for which raises your vibration. It seems spirit is very fixed on the work “vibration” today. It is an important time to focus on your own energy, to find ways to raise your personal vibration. This allows the ripple effect in the collective.

Let’s discuss ways that we can raise our vibration! I love to be in nature, out in the woods, connecting with the land and the spirits and energy of the land. It is raining here in North Carolina this morning, the weather is cool and damp. I sit with the door open, listening to the rain, listening to the unique conversations of the crows, the peaceful quiet of the softly falling rain, the way the world around me feels like it is putting on a big comfy blanket and settling in for relaxation and rejuvenation. This act of just sitting and being helps to raise my vibration. I am grateful for this peaceful and calm morning to reflect on all of the things in my life that I am grateful for.

I received a guided gratitude journal from my children for Mother’s Day. I have sat with it in the mornings and I am trying to start my day off in gratitude. As I sit writing this, I am so full of gratitude. Especially for all of the wonderful people that are in my life. The people who have taught me hard life lessons (blessed be as they have been released…lol), friends who have come in for a time in my life where we needed each other, my podmates who are definitely my soul family, friends that you talk to occasionally but you can pick up and have those great deep conversations with at the drop of a hat, new friends who are coming in to my life, and of course, my furry friends. I am so blessed and grateful to have this wonderful, eclectic, and group of kind human beings surrounding me on my life path. It isn’t about the “things” that I am most grateful for, it is about the people who bless me every day with their presence on this planet and in my life.

Who are you most grateful for? Make a list and have fun thinking about all of the things you have done together and all of the fun memories to come in your future.

Love to you all!

Brenda Sue Jean Louise Jolene III

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