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The Energy of Control

Hello Everyone!

Your crew member Brenda Sue here.

The Crew of the Ohm-g Podcast are still recovering and coming down from the experience of the Greensboro Summer Solstice. We had such a great time meeting people in our area and making new connections. Alexandra did tarot reading from 2pm until 8pm and Chandra and I were doing tandem readings for the full festival. It was so much fun and so exhausting! Ya’ll, an energy hangover is a real thing! Lesson learned spirit! We will be back next year but we will be taking breaks for sure. Okay, enough of that. Let’s get down to the nuts and bolts of this newsletter.

I have been noticing patterns in myself, friends, my family members, and a lot of insight from our readings on Sunday. I want to talk about one observation in particular. CONTROL. I was listening to one of my favorite healers/readers/all around amazing humans on YouTube last week, Joanna the Healer (check out her YouTube Channel), and she was talking about how the need to control comes from your mother line. So I was thinking about that. I have made that observation with my own mother and I have also had the tendency to want to control my life, my situations, the future and I have been learning over the course of my entire adult life how to let go of control of others. I see where it comes from with my own mother. The need to feel in control so that she felt safe. If I do x, y, and z then everything will be good and I will be a good person. Do you know how much stress this puts into your physical body??!! Well I can tell you, it creates illness in the body. One of our clients at the festival asked about her daughter. She said she worries about her all of the time and she can’t stop. Guess what, mom has health issues, big health issues. Where does this worry or need to control get us? SICK! For myself I released that control little by little. Baby steps really, the house isn’t perfectly clean. Oh well, it will have to wait. My adult children, they are making decisions that I wouldn’t. Well, Brenda Sue, you didn’t come here to live their life for them. They signed up for their own lessons and so I release them to walk their path knowing that it will be as it should. Someone doesn’t like me. I search every spot in my memory to understand if I did something or said something. Okay, I didn’t. I release that person to have their own experience as they choose to walk their own path. One thing I do know is that I only have control over myself, and barely that sometimes. My mind is an inglorious bastard sometimes and I do have to talk some sense into at times. How can you release that control? First comes awareness, then for me it is understanding where it comes from, the whys of that need. The more you can become aware, the more you can release the need to hold onto control. At the root of it, the need to feel safe.

When I hold onto control, I block the natural flow of energy, within my body, and in my energy field. When we block the flow we create resistance which leads to illness. We also block the flow of what the universe wants to give us. Are you trying to control in order to feel safe? It is exhausting and unproductive. Become aware and let go. Maybe you take baby steps and that is okay! The more you practice letting go, the easier it becomes and the freer you become.

Love to you all!

Brenda Sue Jean Louise Jolene III

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